Preparation Nation: Pulaski Academy Bruins

Discover how Pulaski Academy—The Team That Never Punts—prepares in the off-season.

Some teams walk onto the football field on Friday nights hoping to win. The more confident teams expect to win.

When the Pulaski Academy Bruins step onto the turf, they know they're going to win. "It's a mindset," says Kevin Kelley, head coach of Pulaski, located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

And once the ball is in their control, the Bruins have no intention of turning it over to their opponents.

Kelley is notorious for the unconventional system he runs at Pulaski.

"We try to extend games," Kelley says. "We onside kick, we don't punt. On offense, we probably run more plays than any team in the country."

Everything Pulaski does, from their off-season program to their pre-game routine, defies conventional logic. Pulaski runs its summer sessions in the middle of the afternoon, unlike most schools in warm-weather states, which practice in the morning to avoid the triple-digit temperatures.

The players don't warm up before workouts or practice. They push pick-up trucks up hills. Special teams sessions during practice? Not with a team that's punted seven times over the last seven seasons.

Kelley says, "We try to push the limits on everything. If we find an edge, we're going to take it."

Watch the video above for a first-hand look at Pulaski's outside-the-box approach to preparing for the 2014 season.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock