Symptoms of a Pulled Muscle

Not sure if you pulled a muscle? Read about the most common symptoms.

Pulled muscle

Have you ever thought about the complexity of the human body? The bone structure acts as a frame upon which the skin, muscles and organs rest. Muscles are important because they make sure the frame (the skeleton) stays in place. Muscles consist of certain fibers and tissues that are malleable—they can stretch or shrink depending on the circumstances. A sudden and unexpected stretching or shrinking of a muscle can cause pain. Many people refer to this as a muscle "pull." When you pull a muscle, you will experience the following.

Pain in the Specific Area

The first symptom of a pulled muscle is a sudden pain in the specific area. Often it is a sharp pain that can leave the victim completely unable to move the affected arm or limb. If this happens to someone you know, don't ask him to move, because moving can cause further injury.

Sudden Swelling

When the muscle pulls, you immediately notice inflammation. Depending on the body part, it can also produce contractions. Larger body parts such as the back commonly have spasms, and the victim may not even be able to move his arms. In extreme cases, the muscles may actually tear, causing excruciating pain.

Skin Color Change and Depression

It's often easy to notice a pulled muscle because of the color of the skin in the area. It turns from its usual color to a grey or blue color. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, you might also notice depression on the surface. It is advisable to get treatment as soon as possible, because the problem often gets worse if you do not take immediate action to resolve it.

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