Puma's PowerCat World Cup Collection

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If you haven't yet figured out which team you want to win this summer's World Cup, one look at Team Italy's new uniforms might persuade you to root for the Azzurri.

To spread the word (and love) for Italian football, Puma recently introduced uniform kits for Team Italy, part of their PowerCat 1.10 Collection and made exclusively for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The kits pack top-to-bottom performance features paired with design aesthetics that project raw football power.

Azure blue home and white away Italia Shirts feature green, white and red collars with four stars representing the team's previous World Cup titles. The jersey details striking white power cut-lines along the arms and chest, and a "battle skin" design that suggests an armor shield. Created using 3D Motion Analysis, the shirts provide a unique body fit to ensure comfort, breathability and individual freedom of movement with minimal force and exertion on the upper body.

The Italia Shorts also exemplify Italy's strength and potency as title holders. They sport a boxer-belt-inspired waistband and mesh gussets for additional ventilation and ease of movement. Even the uniform socks offer breathing room; and they have a shaped footbed for additional protection in high-stress regions.

Puma's PowerCat 1.10 iFG boot, crafted using 3D Power Shooting Technology, allows for more power behind kicks. Special "Springtech" foam, with unique rebound attributes, prevents the shoe from absorbing full energy upon impact. The kicking region is made with a synthetic microfiber, contributing to the shoe's buoyancy and light weight. The boots promise even pressure distribution and efficient and easy ground penetration. They look sleek and dynamic. And don't forget the brazen puma cat logo, denoting Puma's continual support for Italy, bound for the World Cup in full aggressive stride.

All items are available on pumafootball.com.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock