2 Simple Putting Drills

Try these two putting drills to build your confidence in pressure situations on the green.

Putting Drills

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The old adage "drive for show and putt for dough" is especially true when a low score or personal best round is on the line. Making putts for pars and bogeys can save a round, whereas missing a fairway can be overcome with a good iron shot.

The putting drills below can help you sink more putts and score lower out on the course.

Putting Drills

Circle Putt Drill

This is an easy drill that will help you with short putts. Place 4 to 8 golf balls in a circle around a hole on the practice putting green. Find a spot with some slope so the drill can get you comfortable with putts that break in both directions. Start with short putts of about three feet. After making each putt, expand the circle. This drill will build your confidence and give you good feedback on the type of break that gives you problems.

3 Feet or Better Drill

Golf putting drills can get boring when you're on a practice green for long periods of time, but this drill will keep things fresh. The object is to improve your lag putting on longer putts by placing all of your practice putts within three feet of the hole. This might sound easy, but you will soon realize that concentration and nerves play a big role. Start with putts of about 20 feet and work back in five-foot increments to about 40 feet. Each step adds a bit more pressure, because if one of the putts lands outside the three-foot circle, you must start the drill over.

These two simple drills should increase your confidence on the greens by adding pressure to your practice putts. If you are looking to improve your golf game—and your putting in particular—adding pressure situations to your practice routine will only help your game out on the course.

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