Reebok Launches Q96 and Pumpspective Omni Sneakers at Barclays Center

Reebok debuted their new Q96 and Pumpspective sneakers at a game between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets last week. Check out photos of the new kicks.

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Do you remember the Shaq Attaq shoes the Big Aristotle rocked when he brought down the backboard during his rookie season in Orlando? Or how about the Questions Allen Iverson wore as he crossed up his Airness? Those iconic moments in basketball history happened in kicks that were notorious, but the new generation of up-and-coming ballers wouldn't know that. Their interpretation of Reebok? Zig-tech, which didn't quite resonate the way the Boston-based brand hoped it would.

Instead of charging ahead with a product that wasn't making waves in the basketball world, Reebok looked back to move forward, and this past Friday launched the Pumpspective and Q96 basketball shoes—modern kicks based on classic designs.

"We needed to connect back to something that was authentic to us," says Jeremy Sallee, Senior Footwear Desinger at Reebok. "We decided to come back to our heritage with some company-wide initiatives, like the Shaq models, the Pump-Omni, all these things that we have brand equity in. [Once we decided to do that], it was just a matter of taking some of that design language and making it for today's player, slimming everything down. It's not necessarily the same shoe, but it's something that people will recognize."

Sallee also hinted at forthcoming projects that are sure to have sneaker heads salivating. "We might continue on with legacies," he says. "It might be a Kamikaze 4 or an Answer 14—pushing the same idea even further and making brand new shoes that fit within these franchises that we own. "

Check out photos of the sneakers below:

New vs. Old Reebok Pumpspective

The Pump Omni-Lite vs. The New Pumpspective Omi

Questions vs. Q96

Classic Questions vs. The New Q96

Reebok Sneakers

New school kicks with a classic feel.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock