Short on Time? Try This Kettlebell Workout

STACK Expert Steven Trolio prescribes a quick but efficient kettlebell workout complex you can perform whenever you lack the time for a full workout.

Short Workout

When you're extra busy with school, work and practice, finding time for even a 15-minute kettlebell workout can be tough. So how about two-and-a-half minutes? That's all this set of exercises takes. Although it's no substitute for a full workout, it'll give you a quick strength and conditioning boost to keep you in training mode until your next visit to the gym.

This particular kettlebell workout is called a complex, which is a training strategy in which you perform a series of exercises for a predetermined number of reps without putting down the implement (i.e., the barbell, dumbbells or kettlebells).

A kettlebell complex done with one bell is effective for training some offset loading and instability. Using two bells may be even better, because you can use a heavier total load. Holding two kettlebells for the whole circuit is also challenging on your grip, so expect a healthy dose of forearm burning by the time you reach the end.

Efficient Kettlebell Workout

  • Clean x5
  • Snatch x5
  • Reverse Lunge x5 each leg
  • Push Press x5
  • Single-Leg RDL x5 each leg
  • Alternating Bent-Over Row x5 each arm
  • Swing x5

The exercises are set up so you can easily transition from one to the next. For example, after the Reverse Lunges, the kettlebells will already be racked on your shoulders and ready for the Push Press. You don't waste any energy getting the kettlebells into the proper position.

Finally, don't confuse a short workout with speed of execution. Complexes should not be all about getting a faster time. If you're trying to race the clock and beat previous trials, there's a good chance your reps will get sloppy and lose their effectiveness. Once a weight becomes too easy for a given complex, just increase it.

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