Rail Grinding on Your Skateboard

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Part of what makes skateboarding so cool is that it can be done either competitively or as just another way to get from point A to point B. But if competing is your thing, you'll need some slick tricks in your arsenal to score high with the judges.

Up-and-coming pro skater Lauren Perkins likes to implement grinds in her street routine to mix it up while riding from ramp to ramp. Her favorite: the 50-50 Grind.

"It's so cool to lock in, and once you're in, you're on," Perkins says. "It's pretty simple for the most part, but it's hard, as well."

The 50-50 is a simple ollie onto the rail with both trucks [the pieces of metal that connect the wheels to the board] gliding down the rail.

According to Perkins, this trick is one every skateboarder should master, and if you can 50-50 Grind on the long rail, it's sure to catch the eyes of the judges.

Before mastering the 50-50, though, you should first work on your Ollie.

The Ollie
•    Stand on board with rear foot on tail [back of board] and front foot in middle
•    Place ball of rear foot in middle of tail; when pushing down, the ball feels pressure
•    Place front foot straight across board
•    Push down fast, placing all weight on rear foot
•    Strike tail down to hit ground, and jump off with rear foot while sliding front foot up the board
•    Drag side of foot up the board causing board to jump and stick to feet
•    Land on ground with feet spread apart in middle of board

50-50 Grind
•    Start by gaining speed toward rail
•    When close to the rail, ollie onto it, placing both trucks on the rail
•    Use core and legs to balance on board
•    Ride until rail ends and land back on pavement

Coaching Points: Get a slight bend in knees when balancing on board // Focus on getting entire board onto the rail // Don't ollie too far away from rail // Wear protective gear

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock