At Least 10 Ways to Make the Best of a Rain Delay

College baseball shows us several ways for players, coaches and fans to keep the good times rolling during a rain delay.

Rain Delay

With baseball season upon us, and so is the rainy season. And we know what happens to  baseball when it rains.

But rains delays don't need to put the entertainment on hold. Thankfully, the college game has established a wide selection of possible shenanigans to occupy teams, coaches and fans for the duration of the delay.

Have a massive dance-off that ends with team slip 'n slide

During an alleged 5-hour delay at the Big East tournament in 2009, USF and UConn made the best of the downtime.

Go bowling, on a hunting expedition or hop in a tanning bed

In 2011, Clemson and Davidson engaged in many antics, including pantomiming bowling, football, WWE wrestling, curling and dodgeball. After a few piggyback races and a session of playing soldiers, Davidson did some heavy squatting with a teammate as the barbell (4:45). Clemson visited the tanning bed (5:23).

Take a bathroom break, go fishing, or host a dog show

In Part 2 of Davidson vs. Clemson, Davidson reconstructed a toilet and Clemson went fishing on the tarp. Davidson rallied with a marriage ceremony and Clemson topped it by staging a dog show (2:56).

Have your moment on the runway, walk on your hands

Walsh University faced off against Findlay with a catwalk, a fun clothes-switching trick (2:44) and an exceptional modification on the classic "Lawnmower" dance (6:12).

Take a roller coaster ride, pretend to drown on the tarp, have another dance-off

This match-up between Southern Miss & Ole Miss started with bowling and ended with multiple dance-offs. Southern Miss went for a ride on a roller coaster (0:23). Ole Miss took a stab at "The Shake Weight" and staged an elaborate drown-rescue scenario.


At a Radford University game, players took it back to the Middle Ages.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock