High School Football Player's Ridiculous Screen Pass TD

Mount Pleasant (R.I.) running back Randolph Zleh cut back and forth for nearly 30 seconds on one of the most impressive TD runs of the season.

On October 25, Mount Pleasant (R.I.) running back Randolph Zleh made all 11 East Greenwich defenders look downright silly as he zigged, zagged and  zigged again on his way to a 64-yard touchdown reception. The screen pass looked promising from the start, but no one—not even the excitable amateur play-by-play man heard in the background—expected what would come next.

At several points along the run, Zleh was completely penned in by the defense, but his impressive cutting ability allowed him to juke his way out time and again. Toward the end of the run, it's clear that fatigue had set in for Zleh, who appears to run well over 100 yards on the play. However, he clearly had more gas in the tank than the defenders who ended up at his feet as he crossed the goal line.

Watch the video to see the crazy route Zleh used to put this amazing highlight together.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock