Randy Moss Joins the High School Coaching Ranks

Randy Moss begins a new chapter of his career as an assistant high school football coach.

Randy Moss experienced more than his fair share of regrettable moments throughout his football-playing career.

He left the field during a game in 2004. There was the feign mooning of the crowd at Lambeau Field in 2005. And who could forget the media ban of 2010, during which he conducted his own press conference interviews?

The antics tarnished Moss's reputation as one of the greatest wide receivers in the history of the National Football League—and, plainly speaking—Moss was a prime example of how a student-athlete should not conduct himself both on and off the field.

Now, Moss is hoping to infuse the next generation of football players with the support and knowledge they need to avoid making the same mistakes he did throughout his career—and he's doing it on the practice field and from the sidelines of the Victory Christian Center football team in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Sarah Gearhart of USA TODAY High School Sports writes that Moss is "equally concerned that he sets a good example for the players to follow—not the narrative based on his past."

Moss told USA TODAY:

"I didn't skip school, but I didn't apply myself. A lot of things that I should have been learning back in high school I had to learn later on in life, and it was embarrassing for me.

"There are a lot more things that I could have accomplished if I had the guidance, proper work ethic and a little more structure in my life."

What's even more fascinating than Moss as a high school football coach is that the four-time All-Pro wideout is serving as the defensive coordinator and special teams coach for Victory Christian.

One would think the players of Victory Christian would be best served with Moss calling plays on the offensive side of the ball. However, as a guy who made a career shredding NFL defenses, Moss surely draws upon a wealth of knowledge for constructing defensive game plans.

Moss also returned punts for one season at Marshall and for the Minnesota Vikings during his second NFL season.

"I call him 'Mr. Situation,'" says Victory Christian head coach and former NFL running back, Dee Brown. "He's going to put you in situations to make you feel like, 'Do I know it?' Am I ready?' He keeps me as a head coach and us as a staff sharp."

Over the course of the last year, the football community has seen former NFL players like Moss, Brett Favre and Ricky Williams join the coaching ranks. Quarterbacks Josh McCown and Austin Davis took a temporary leave from their respective high school coaching positions to join NFL teams.

And this past summer, we saw current star players like Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson and DeMarco Murray try their hand in coaching pre-season workouts for local high school teams. Check out the video at the top of this post to see Peterson and Arizona Cardinals teammate Tyrann Mathieu working with Crespi Carmelite High School football team.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock