Randy Moss Says He Could've Averaged 20 Points Per Game in the NBA

One of the greatest wide receivers of all time thinks he could've been an NBA great, too.

Randy Moss had an illustrious NFL career. The 6-foot-5, 210-pound wide receiver was gifted with height, hands like glue sticks and the type of speed that made it look like he was simply gliding down the sidelines without any effort at all. Before you knew it, he was behind you hauling in a 60-yard bomb for a touchdown.

Moss has been retired for six years now, but that hasn't stopped the mercurial wide receiver from teasing his return to the NFL every once in a while. Now an NFL analyst for Fox, Moss has repeatedly said he thinks he could step in and be a successful receiver right away, though no one really believes he'll ever return. What's more fun to think about is how an athletic freak like Moss would have fared at other professional sports, specifically the NBA. You won't believe this, but the uber-confident Moss thinks he would've done just fine.

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"Me personally, I think I could've [averaged] in the 20s, and that's being real serious," Moss said on Area 21, the Kevin Garnett-hosted hoops show on TNT. "I love the game. I love basketball. I like everything the NBA is doing."

Moss even had an idea of the type of player he would have been had he chosen to lace up some Jordans instead of cleats. He named former New York Knicks and Minnesota Timberwolves star Latrell Sprewell as the "Randy Moss of the NBA," and the guy he would've played like had he arrived in the NBA.

Moss was actually a pretty decent basketball player during his time at DuPout High School in West Virgina. He was a teammate of Jason Williams, who starred at point guard for the Sacramento Kings and a handful of other NBA teams. But 20 points a night in the league? We'd say that's a stretch, but doubting Moss also seems like a pretty bad bet.

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