Rap News Rundown: Lil Bibby, Lil Wayne, Rich Homie Quan, Rick Ross

Lil Bibby gets a diploma, Weezy's tour bus shooter denied bond, RHQ earns bad press, and Rick Ross points a finger at 50 Cent.

Lil Bibby Earns His High School Diploma

Up-and-coming Chicago Drill rapper Lil Bibby graduated from high school last week. He got his GED back in March, and after learning he was one credit shy for graduation, he enrolled in Liberty High School, an online program, to receive his diploma.

He dedicated the accomplishment to his mother, grandmother and radio hosts Sway and Heather B, exclaiming in an Instagram post that "Knowledge is Power." During an interview last year, radio personalities Sway and Heather encouraged him to get his GED, even promising to throw him a graduation party if he did.

"Education is worth more than currency," wrote Sway on Instagram in response to the news. "Bibby has shown so much potential and [is] setting a great example."

Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooter Denied Bond

The lawyer representing Jimmy Winfrey, the man accused of shooting up Lil Wayne's tour bus earlier this year, tried to paint him as a low-level criminal without a motive to make an attempt on Lil Wayne's life. The judge was not persuaded, and he ordered Young Thug's one-time tour manager to be held until his trial.

"I think he's deserving bail in this case because there's nothing in his background other than this new charge to show he's a danger or he's not going to return here," argued his attorney Lawrence Zimmerman.

Chief Assistant District Attorney Don Geary countered, saying, "Here's someone that at 3 o'clock in the morning opens fire on two tour buses on I-285 in Cobb County. That's the definition of danger."

Winfrey is facing more than 20 felony counts, including racketeering and domestic terrorism.

Rich Homie Quan Being Investigated by Child Services

Rich Homie Quan enraged fans last week by posting a video on Snapchat showing him smoking marijuana while holding his infant son. The clip reportedly led to a child endangerment investigation by Child Protective Services. The southern rapper replied to the controversy via Instagram, apologizing for his actions.

"First off, I would like to apologize to my son [Royal], my fans and all the parents around the world," wrote Quan. "By no means would I do anything to hurt my son or any kid in the world. I regret that I chose to continue to smoke once Royal jumped in my lap. After looking back on it, I realize my error and I am sorry for my actions . . . I need people to understand that I am only human and I make mistakes just like anyone else."

Rick Ross Accuses 50 Cent of Conspiring With Landscaper

Rick Ross responded to the lawsuit against him by Jonathan Zamudio, a former landscaper who accused him and his security guard of assault, with a lawsuit of his own. In the suit, Ross asserts that Zamudio's claims "lack credible evidence," and that his association with his long-time nemesis 50 Cent should "speak volumes." The Bawse says the entire incident was cooked up by the G-Unit leader to extort money and cause legal trouble for him.

Though it seems far-fetched, Ross may not be overreaching with his allegations. At a recent Effen vodka event, Fiddy posted a picture of himself with Zamudio and taunted the MMG head in the caption: "This is my friend Jonathan, he was kidnapped and assaulted. He has chipped teeth from being pistol whipped. I can't imagine how bad that hurt. Wait, I bet it hurts like being a CO/Rapper in Jail."

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