Rapidly Improve Your Endurance With These Workout Finishers

These Opposing Ladder workout finishers might be just what you need to improve your endurance.

Need a quick way to finish a workout that will rapidly improve your endurance? The Opposing Ladder workout might be just what you need.

Ladder workouts are untimed and are to be completed as fast as possible as a workout finisher. Typically, they are done by pairing two exercises. You work down in reps with one exercise while you work up in reps with the other, creating the effect of an opposing ladder in terms of reps.

For the first exercise start at 10 reps, and for the second exercise start at one rep. Then go back and forth between the two exercises, decreasing reps on the first and increasing reps on the second until you reach 1 and 10.

Here are three opposing workout finishers that will crush you.

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Opposing Ladder Finisher 1

  • Exercise 1 — Kettlebell Swings (10,9,8,7, etc.)
  • Exercise 2 — Medicine Ball Slams (1,2,3,4, etc.)

Opposing Ladder Finisher 2

  • Exercise 1 — Burpees (10,9,8,7, etc.)
  • Exercise 2 — Goblet Squats (1,2,3,4, etc.)

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Opposing Ladder Finisher 3

  • Exercise 1 — TRX Rows (10,9,8,7, etc.)
  • Exercise 2 — Sprint/Walking Lunge
  • Farmer's Walk for a specified distance between Exercises 1 and 2


  • The more complex the exercise, the more difficult the workout finisher.
  • Adding a Sprint/Walking Lunge/Farmer's Walk for a specified difference between exercises adds to the challenge.

Use different exercises and get creative when planning an opposing ladder finisher for your athletes—e.g., Kettlebell Swings, Burpees, Squat Variations, Push-Ups, Med Ball Slams, TRX Rows, dumbbell or barbell strength exercises.

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