Read and React: Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback

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Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback 
Ever wonder what life is like inside the Manning family, or how intense the pressure to perform feels in the media capital of the universe? Only one Man(ning) knows, and Eli tells it all in this book of the week.

In Eli Manning: The Making of a Quarterback, New York Giants beat reporter Ralph Vacchiano takes readers from their armchair quarterback position into the life of the Giants' outstanding starting QB. The book includes commentary from and interviews with numerous scouts, coaches and players, including the title character. Vacchiano writes about Eli's playing days at Ole Miss, the tension-filled moments of the 2004 NFL Draft, his first few years in the NFL in the shadow of his older brother, Peyton, and even Eli's inside scoop on the last few seconds of Super Bowl XLII.

STACK's Take: A great holiday gift for any Giants or Manning fan, this behind-the-scenes account is full of inside info that only Eli's teammates, coaches and family members know about. Vacchiano examines all aspects of life as an NFL QB, including how one deals with the pressure to win and the glare of publicity.

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