Read and React: No Dribbling the Squid

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Networks such as ESPN, ABC and CBS broadcast a very small portion of the sports world. They focus mainly on well financed pro teams in high profile sports, featuring multi-million-dollar athletes performing in large arenas and stadiums filled with thousands of people rooting for the home team. They generally ignore non-mainstream sporting events. This week's book pick gives readers a glimpse of what the big-time networks are missing.

No Dribbling the Squid: Octopush, Shin Kicking, Elephant Polo, and Other Oddball Sports
Authors Michael J. Rosen and Ben Kassoy went around the world to discover more than 70 "oddball sports" that people never see on TV—some of the most outlandish sporting events ever conceived—then compiled their findings in a fun-to-read manual profiling each one.

From extreme mountain unicycling and outhouse races to underwater hockey ("octopush") and chess boxing, the book is filled with wacky and wonderful activities in which anyone can participate, regardless of their athletic ability. Complete with photos, game descriptions, tips and rules, this book is a sure cure for boredom in any season.

STACK's Take: These sports are crazy. Honestly, who wants to compete in a shin-kicking contest? How do you train for that? However, rather than sit on your couch and watch other people be active, try some of the sports that look like fun and are probably worth playing, like Japanese Team Snowball Fighting or Bicycle Polo.

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