4 Receiving Drills for Roasting a Turkey Bowl Defense

STACK offers four wide receiver drills to improve your catching ability and roast the opposing defense in your Turkey Bowl game.

Turkey Bowl Wide Receiver Drill

The Turkey Bowl is less than a week away. Your team has finalized its game plan—plenty of pass plays, including the "Gobble and Go" and the "Turkey Neck"—and all that's left is to execute the attack on offense and firm up the prevent defense.

As the primary receiver and most dynamic playmaker on your team, you are expected to catch every ball thrown your way. It might not be as easy as you think, considering the combination of freezing temperatures, messy field conditions and coverage that'll be tighter than your pants after Thanksgiving dinner.

Don't drop the ball for your team during this year's Turkey Bowl. Shake the rust off of your receiving skills with the following drills.

Hand Position

Jog a straight line or run a route and adjust your body to make following catches. Complete 5 catches per pattern.

  • Pass in front of your body, pinky fingers together.
  • Pass behind you: pinky fingers together while turning with the ball.
  • Low pass: pinky fingers together.
  • High pass or chest-high pass: thumbs together.
  • Over-the-shoulder catch: pinky fingers together.

Hard Ball Catching

  • Stand 10 yards out and have a partner throw the ball as hard as possible.
  • Use proper catching technique.
  • Progress to 15 yards.
  • Complete 10 catches at various distances.

Distraction Drill // Catching in Traffic

  • Begin on a hash mark with your partner on the opposite hash mark.
  • Run straight across the field as your partner runs toward you.
  • While your partner cuts in front to distract you, catch a ball from your QB, who is 10-15 yards away.
  • Turn and sprint upfield for 10-15 yards.
  • Repeat for 4-5 reps; perform in opposite direction for specified reps.

Over-The-Shoulder Catches With One Hand

  • Place two cones 5 yards apart.
  • Stand in ready position in front of Cone 1 with your partner standing to the right or left of the cone, ready to throw a tennis ball.
  • Sprint toward Cone 2 and catch the ball over your shoulder with your opposite hand—e.g., if the throw comes from the right, catch the ball with your left hand.
  • Complete 5-10 catches per side.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock