The 4-Day Deloading Plan for Recovery

Follow this four-day recovery plan to keep progressing toward your training goals without over stressing your body.

Getting a little beat up during an intense training period is nothing out of the ordinary. That said, it's important to listen to your body and know when to pull the plug on your near-maximal training before you take a real hit. This will protect you from injury and keeps your training and playing at the highest possible level.

Near the end of your training period, the big joints of your shoulders, hips and knees are the most likely to experience wear-and-tear pain. Treating them accordingly will enhance recovery of your entire body and help you keep progressing toward your goals.

This four-day recovery plan, done at the end of any training period, will keep you training hard while giving your joints and neuromuscular system a chance to recover. Stick to the details—they are the key to success.

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The Plan

Picking the proper load for each exercise is a pivotal aspect of enhancing recovery. This miniature deloaded programming scheme cuts training loads by 30 percent while maximizing bar speeds in each motion.

For each movement listed in the program, complete a ramp-up to your prescribed loads of working sets:

  • Ramp-Up Set 1: 30% of 5RM
  • Ramp-Up Set 2: 50% of 5RM
  • Ramp-Up Set 3: 70% of 5RM

Your working weight is based on your 5RM for each movement. Take 70% of your current 5RM and use it as the load for all working sets.

Working at a sub-maximal load allows you to increase the bar speed in each movement, letting your neurological system reboot itself while giving your muscular system a slight break. This increases fast-twitch muscle fiber recruitment and lets you take some deloaded time off.

Note: All movements can be seen on my YouTube channel.

Day 1: Recovery Incline Treadmill Walk

Dynamic Warm-Up

Incline Treadmill Walk

  • Incline: 5-10%
  • Speed: 3.0-3.6 mph
  • Duration: 30-40 minutes

Full-Body Foam Roll

Day 2: Lower Body Training

Dynamic Warm-Up

Vertical Jump: 4x6, 45-sec. rest

Trap Bar Deadlift: 8x3, 60-sec. rest

Box Squat: 8x3, 60-sec. rest

Reverse Lunge: 3x8, 60-sec. rest

Kettlebell Swing: 20 sec. on, 10 sec. off x 10 rounds

Day 3: Upper-Body Training

Dynamic Warm-Up

1A. Med Ball Slam: 3x6, 45-sec. rest

1B. Med Ball Chest Press: 3x6, 45-sec. rest

2. Neutral Grip Pull-Up: 8x3, 60-sec. rest

3. Bench Press: 8x3, 60-sec. rest

4A. T-Bar Barbell Row: 5x8, 60-sec. rest

4B. Single-Arm Dumbbell Military Press: 5x6, 60-sec. rest

6. Farmer's Walk: 30 seconds x 4 rounds

Day 4: Physical/Mental Regeneration

Eat protein AMRAP x 3

Drink water: body weight in ounces x 1

Take a nap 30-plus mins x 2

Focus on sleep 10-plus hours x 1

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