SNEAKER ALERT: Reebok 'Banner Question'

Reebok is honoring Allen Iverson with a limited release 76ers-themed version of The Answer's signature Question sneaker—dubbed the "Banner Question."

Reebok 'Banner Question'

Photo courtesy of Reebok

Before Allen Iverson was that guy, bouncing from the Pistons to the Grizzlies to a Turkish league, he was "The Answer" in Philly. He was a fire starter on a 76ers team that ran through the Eastern Conference en route to one of the most famous moments in NBA Finals history, even if the Sixers didn't win the series. Just ask Tyronne Lue.

This past weekend, the Sixers retired Iverson's number (3). And Reebok is commemorating Iverson with a 76ers-themed version of his signature Question sneaker, dubbed the "Banner Question."

Only 1,996 pairs will be released, a nod to the year Iverson was drafted out of Georgetown. They will be available online at But if you want to grab some in person, you'll need a bit of luck. They're being sold at only 84 locations nationwide. Find those spots here on Reebok's Twitter account. The Banner Question will sell for $160.

Reebok 'Banner Question'

Photo courtesy of Reebok.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock