Reggie Miller Says He'd Still Be Playing If He'd Been a Member of This NBA Team

James Harden and Mike D'Antoni could extend a lot of careers.

Ever since general manager Daryl Morey arrived in Houston in 2006, the Rockets have been ahead of the curve. Their analytical adherence to taking shots from two areas, inside the paint and beyond the 3-point line, was radical a few years ago, but it's become commonplace in today's NBA, where teams are breaking records for 3-pointers taken and made every year.

This season, Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni moved James Harden to point guard and surrounded him with deadly shooters; and the Rockets are sitting pretty, sporting the third-best record in the West and having a legitimate shot to face the Warriors in the Western Conference Finals.

And sharpshooter Reggie Miller wishes he were a part of it.

Miller, who retired in 2005 and is now 51 years old, was a career 40 percent shooter from beyond the arc. He believes that if he had played in D'Antoni's system—where all he would have had to do is spot up and launch 3's—he might still be playing today. That's obviously a bit of hyperbole, as it's hard to imagine a man in his 50s competing in today's NBA. But the sentiment isn't wrong. Miller's career certainly could've been extended if he had focused strictly on 3-point marksmanship. And per ESPN's Rachel Nichols, the dude can still shoot.

Reggie Miller playing alongside James Harden? In 2017? One can dream.