Rest Time With the Portland Trail Blazers

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With a few blockbuster draft picks panning out to be studs, the Portland Trail Blazers have slowly built themselves into a force in the talent-laden Western Conference. We talked with the team's strength and conditioning coach, Bob Medina, to find out how the Blazers rest when performing agility drills in the off-season.

STACK: How important is rest during agility drills?
Bob Medina:
When performing agility drills, you're working at a high intensity level. It is important to make sure that you're fully recovered between sets to achieve maximal results.

STACK: How will not resting hurt you?
Without adequate rest time, you cannot get the desired results of the agility workout; you achieve negative results and lose motivation.

STACK: What rest time do you prescribe for the off-season?
The off-season is the most intense phase of the training program; therefore we allow for more rest between sets due to the maximal effort being used. An example of this is a 5:1 rest-to-work ratio for each set. If an agility set takes an athlete 10 seconds, the athlete should rest for about 50 seconds. Therefore, the total time for the set and rest is one minute.

STACK: What are some common mistakes young athletes make?
Young athletes tend to think more is better; he jeopardizes his body to injuries and overtraining [with that mindset]. He will perform the exercises with poor form and prevent his muscles from fully recovering, so he couldn't perform each set with maximum force.

STACK: What is the prescribed rest time for in-season agility work?
In season, you're usually pressed for time, so rest periods are shorter. With this, you also should lower the amount of explosive exercise you're doing. An example for this is to use a 3:1 rest-to-work ratio. This will allow you to recover correctly because you're doing less work. If the set takes 10 seconds to do, you will have a 30 second rest, and the total amount of time is 40 seconds for each set.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock