8 Best Retro Sneaker and Throwback Jersey Combinations

STACK pairs up the best retro kicks of 2012 with vintage throwback jerseys.

This has been the year of the retro sneaker. From the reboot of the iconic Air Jordan IV to the re-release of Allen Iverson's "Answer," the last year on the Mayan calendar has allowed us to reminisce about the glory days of Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey Jr., Patrick Ewing and other legends.

Having been on fashion hiatus the past few years, throwback jerseys are making a comeback of their own. With the NBA, NFL and MLB paying homage to their  teams of yesteryear by outfitting their current squads in old garb a few times each season, rocking a vintage jersey has once again become cool. As fall approaches, STACK matches up the best retro sneakers of 2012 with a coordinating throwback jersey to keep you on top of your game while the temperature drops. Due to the high demand and limited quantity of many of these sneakers, most can only be found on eBay. But if you do a little bit of hunting and find a decent deal, your feet will thank you.

8. Sneakers: Air Jordan 7 GS "Gold Medal" Pack

Air Jordan 7 GS

(Photo via Kickkspot)

 Jersey: David Robinson San Antonio Spurs Away


David Robinson Jersey

(Photo via NBA Go)

The Air Jordan brand has been churning out remakes of their classic shoes all year, and the "Gold Medal" version of the 7 is one of the best. The black shoe with gold accents throughout goes perfectly with an old-school David Robinson Spurs jersey. Keep it all black while paying homage to The Admiral.

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7. Sneakers: Air Jordan IV "Fire Red"

Air Jordan IV Fire Red(Photo via Acclaim Mag)

 Jersey: Dennis Rodman Chicago Bulls Home

Dennis Rodman Jersey

(Photo via ChicagoBullsOfficialShop.com)

The "Fire Red" colorway of the Jordan IVs immediately catches your eye, just like a certain ferocious rebounder who liked to dye his hair as if he were performing as a clown at a child's birthday party immediately after the game. This jersey-sneaker combination was put on earth just to help you look fresh.

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6. Sneakers: Nike Air More Uptempo "USA"

Nike Air More Uptempo

Jersey: Scottie Pippen 1996 Team USA Home

Scottie Pippen Team USA Jersey

(Photo via Vendio)

Scottie Pippen broke those bad boys out for the 1996 season as both a Bull and a member of the Olympic team. They are a bit outlandish, with the word "air" spelled out in giant white letters down the shoe, but match them up with a vintage Pippen '96 Team USA jersey and it will feel like the Atlanta Olympics all over again.

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5. Sneakers: Nike Air Griffey Max 1 "Home Run Derby"

Nike Air Griffey Max 1 (Photo via NiceKicks)

 Jersey: Ken Griffey Jr. Seattle Mariners Teal Alternate

Ken Griffey Jr. Jersey(Photo via Jerseys Gaga)

Nike linked up with Griffey back in the mid-90s to lace up the baseball star with his very own sneaker, the Nike Air Griffey Max 1. The shoe's popularity warranted a comeback. The "Home Run Derby" colorway is one of the best of the updated models, and the understated teal color on the shoe goes hand-in-hand with a vintage teal Griffey jersey from the days when he was known simply as "The Kid."

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4. Sneakers: Ewing Athletic 33 Hi Blue/White

Ewing Sneakers - STACK
(Photo via Counter Kicks)

 Jersey: Patrick Ewing Knicks Home 

Patrick Ewing Knicks Jersey

(Photo via American Memorabilia)

Ewing debuted the 33 Hi during the 1990 season with his own shoe company, Ewing Athletics, and the cry to bring it back has been at a fever pitch ever since. Since its release in four new colorways on Aug. 31, the 33 Hi has been in high demand and is extremely exclusive. If you happen to find a pair for a reasonable price, match them up with an authentic Ewing Knicks jersey. You'll feel like you won that elusive ring Ewing never did.

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3. Sneakers: Reebok Answer IV

Reebok Answer IV(Photo via Counter Kicks)

Jersey: Allen Iverson Philadelphia 76ers Black Away

Iverson Jersey(Photo via Pan NFL Shop)

Reebok's Answer IV is one of the most iconic basketball sneakers of the last decade. Matching up the black and white colorway of the shoe with a black A.I.'s 76ers jersey will take you back to the days when Iverson was stepping over Tyronn Lue in the 2001 NBA Finals.

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2. Sneakers: Air Jordan IV Cavs

Air Jordan IV (Photo via EU Kicks)

Jersey: Shawn Kemp Cleveland Cavaliers Away

Shawn Kemp Cleveland Cavaliers Jersey Away(Photo via T Shirt Time Machine)

Before he gained weight and produced copious numbers of children, Shawn Kemp was a solid basketball player. When Cleveland brought him over from Seattle in 1997, the Reign Man wasted no time becoming the team's leading scorer and solidifying himself as an All-Star. He also arrived in C-town just in time to wear one of the Cavs oddest, but freshest, jerseys—so fresh in fact that the Cavs are bringing them back for a few select games during the upcoming 2012-2013 season. Match the outerwear up with one of Air Jordan's sharpest shoe releases of 2012, and the Cavs just might sign you to a 10-day contract.

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1. Sneakers: Air Jordan VII Raptor

Air Jordan VII Raptor(Photo via Counter Kicks)

Jersey: Vince Carter Toronto Raptors Home

Vince Carter Toronto Raptors Jersey(Photo via NFL Jersey Gear)

The jersey alone makes this the best retro shoe/throwback jersey combination on the planet. What could be better than a fully grown Velociraptor (who clearly needs a bigger shoe size) dribbling a basketball on the front of your jersey? The answer is nothing. Now, what's better than that same jersey draped over the shoulders of Vince Carter while he's completing a 360 slam dunk? Truly nothing. Pair this classic jersey with the Raptor-inspired remakes of the Air Jordan VII, and you will have random people high-fiving you anywhere you go.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock