adidas Basketball Releases "The Return of Derrick Rose," Episode 2: HOPE

Chicago Bulls point guard take us to Los Angeles in the second episode of adidas Basketball's "The Return of D Rose."

On Aug. 22, adidas and Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose debuted the "Return of D. Rose," Episode 1: "BELIEF," kicking off a documentary series following Rose as he prepares for his return to the court. Last Friday, adidas released the second episode, entitled "Hope"(full episode above), which opens with Rose watching the Miami Heat take home last season's NBA championship.

"I know that's going to push me to work even harder … thinking of them winning the championship," says Rose. "It's just going to drive me, and I know I'm gonna have another year."

The video also provides a behind-the-scenes look at D-Rose's rehabilitation at Athlete's Performance in Los Angeles, ending with Rose's final thoughts on last year's championship. "I can't wait till I win one. I will never stop."


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock