adidas Basketball Releases "The Return of Derrick Rose," Episode 4: PUSH

Chicago Bulls All-Star Derrick Rose works his way back to the court in adidas Web series "The Return of D Rose."

As the adidas D Rose 3 sneaker officially launches and Derrick Rose celebrates his 24th birthday, adidas has released Episode 4 of its video series on "The Return of D Rose." In the episode, entitled "PUSH," Rose shares his thoughts and feelings on his strenuous recovery, return to Chicago and filming of the "Wake Up" commercial for adidas that debuted last week. PUSH is inspired by Rose's desire to approach his recovery and life with unmatched intensity to meet his ultimate goals—to be great and to win championships.

"When I'm working out, I always say if it's painful, see how long you can go through it, because a normal person would stop right when they feel pain," says Rose. "I try to see how long I can go through it because I try to make myself different than other people. Always trying to do something to get further."

Fans across the world joined "The Return of D Rose" conversation since the Web series began on Aug. 15, and some of the most inspiring comments are featured during the end credits of PUSH. adidas will continue to reward loyal D Rose fans who join the conversation through the adidas Basketball Facebook Page, and on Twitter with #TheReturn  @adidasHoops. The D Rose 3 basketball shoe and D Rose collection are available now at, Foot Locker and Eastbay.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock