Ricardo Lockette's Touchdown Catch After a Flea-Flicker Are What Miracles Are Made Of

Check out the Seattle Seahawks' amazing and improbable TD catch against the Carolina Panthers.

Some catches just are not supposed to be made. Whether the ball is underthrown, the defender is draped all over the receiver, or the angle is downright impossible, some balls flutter through the air under the assumption that they won't be caught. So when they are caught, it immediately makes the play look like some kind of miracle.

That was the case with Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Ricardo Lockette, who caught a touchdown pass with a Carolina Panthers defender standing in front of him in perfect position to make the interception. Lockette used defensive back Kurt Coleman's shoulders like rungs on a ladder, elevating himself until he could catch the ball by literally trapping it against Coleman's face. As Coleman tumbled to the ground, surely thinking to himself, "there's no way he caught that ball," Lockette came down on two feet in the back of the end zone for 6. To top it off, the pass came off a flea-flicker, one of the coolest plays in football.

Miracles can happen, kids.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock