Richard Jefferson Takes on Former Browns Lineman in Epic Water Ballon Fight

Richard Jefferson and Alex Mack waged water balloon warfare over the July 4th weekend.

Richard Jefferson

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Richard Jefferson spent his July 4th weekend the American way: by having a water balloon fight.

Jefferson's fight wasn't typical, however. He recorded it on Snapchat—an app he's highly skilled at using—and fought against former Cleveland Browns center Alex Mack, who currently plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

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Jefferson and Mack are neighbors in Hermosa Beach, California. And Jefferson ultimately decided to wage water balloon warfare with the former Browns offensive lineman.

At first, Jefferson playfully chucked a few water balloons toward Mack's house, connecting on some throws.

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But as the fight went on, Jefferson started to take aim at innocent bystanders. In a snap on his Snapchat story, he says, "I'm innocent, I promise."

Jefferson also sent some balloons to Mack's house, since Mack did not have any with which to retaliate.

While the two sides fought, a neighbor called for a cease fire because their plants could be damaged. Jefferson is a nice guy, so he respected his neighbor's call. On his Snapchat, Jefferson said that four houses got involved in the fun.

Eventually, the police came to stop the ruckus, because, as Jefferson says, "water balloon lives matter."

After winning the NBA Finals with the Cavs, Jefferson said that he'd retire. But at the team's championship parade, he said he'd consider playing one more year. Now, he's reportedly considering playing two or three more years.

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If Jefferson does play a few more years, at least he knows he can dominate in water balloon fights when he finally retires.

Check out the full video of the water balloon war below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock