Rick Ross Announces New LP

Rick Ross plans to release his second album of the year in November.

Rick Ross will release a second album this year. Hood Billionaire will hit shelves just ahead of the holiday season on Nov. 24, serving as a follow-up to Mastermind, which was released in March. The Maybach Music leader has already released two songs from the project: "Elvis Presley Blvd.," featuring fellow southern rapper Project Pat and the LP's lead single, "Keep Doing That (Rich Chick)" featuring singer R. Kelly.

Ross often boasts about his wealth and hood moves over dark, bass-driven beats, and it looks like his forthcoming album will be more of the same. During a recent interview with Forbes, the rapper took the site to task for his past rankings on their annual Hip-Hop Cash Kings list. "Ya'll know how I rock, and The Boss [is] getting way more money than that. I'm always top five," said Ross.

Unfortunately, he couldn't come up with anything to back up this assertion. "I don't have no facts for you! I'm just giving you my guess," he conceded. "The beauty of the Forbes list is that it excites the streets, it gives people an idea of what's going on financially. It inspires the youngsters. Regardles of where I fall, it feels good to be associated with success, associated with a brand such as Forbes and the other artists on the list," he added. "Me, I'm just warming up, I'm just starting."

Mastermind debuted at the top spot on the Billboard 200 chart and has sold more than 350,000 copies thus far.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock