It's Official: Ricky Rubio Signs With adidas

Point guard phenom Ricky Rubio has officially signed with adidas. Check out photos of Rubio's adidas headquarters trip.

Ricky Rubio

It's an incredible time in the NBA for point guards. The position is as deep as it's ever been, and the premier teams around the league have stars in place for years to come. Few point guards are as exciting and have as much potential as Minnesota Timberwolves phenom Ricky Rubio. The Internet was all fired up a few weeks ago about a rumor that linked him to adidas. Now, it's official. The Spanish point guard has signed with the brand.

Rubio's game has invited comparisons to a young Pete Maravich or Jason Kidd. He's viewed as one of the last true floor generals in basketball. We're talking about a guy who started playing pro ball in his home country of Spain at 14 years old, hanging with competition twice his age. Rubio was one of the major reasons Minnesota improved so much last year, at least until he suffered a torn ACL that cut his season short back in March. He still finished second in the vote for Rookie of the Year, despite playing in just 41 games. His rookie highlight reel was pretty serious.

Rubio has been working on rehabbing throughout the off-season, and he's excited about tackling the challenges ahead while wearing the three stripes. Scroll down for a look at Rubio's official visit to the adidas office in Portland.

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Photo and source: adidas

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