Rap News Roundup: Bobby Shmurda, Rick Ross, Diddy, YG

In this installment of Rap News Rundown, Bobby Shmurda gets busted in prison; Rick Ross is arrested for assault and kidnapping; Diddy allegedly attacks a UCLA coach with a kettlebell; and YG reacts to getting shot in the hip.

Bobby Shmurda Hit With Another Charge

A few months ago, Bobby Shmurda's future looked promising. Now, however, it seems the young New York spitter may have to get comfortable in his current surroundings. This past week, the rapper was caught trying to sneak a weapon into prison.

According to the New York Daily News, during a jail visit, Shmurda's 18-year-old girlfriend Kimberly Rousseau pulled a black latex glove balloon wrapped in electrical tape from her bra and passed it to him. The move caught the attention of a nearby guard who opened the balloon and found a "sharpened metal object." Both were charged with promoting prison contraband and criminal possession of a weapon.

Shmurda and his GS9 crew are currently facing more than 100 other charges. If convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

Rick Ross Arrested for Kidnapping & Assault

TMZ reports that Rick Ross was arrested for assaulting and kidnapping a worker at his Georgia home. The Maybach Music mogul and his bodyguard got into an argument with Jonathan Zamudio, a landscaper working on his Fayette County mansion. When things escalated, Ross pistol-whipped him and held him against his will in the guest bedroom. Zamudio suffered several chipped teeth and a broken jaw, and he's been forced to eat through a straw.

Ross is currently being held without bond. His attorney, Adamma McKinnon, responded to the allegations by brushing them off as a symptom of fame. "He's someone who has reached a certain plateau, and there are people after celebrities like [Ross] and looking for monetary gain," McKinnon told the Daily Beast.

Diddy Arrested After Tangle With UCLA Coach

On June 22, Diddy was arrested at UCLA after getting into an altercation with one of the football coaches. His son, Justin, attends the school and is a defensive back on the team.

According to reports, Diddy was attending one of the team's workout sessions when he witnessed strength & conditioning coach Sal Alosi treating Justin harshly. The rapper went to the coach's office to confront him, but Alosi refused to see him. Diddy then barged into the office. The confrontation got serious when Diddy grabbed a kettlebell and swung it at Alosi. Although he insisted he reacted in self defense, Diddy was arrested and charged with three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one count each for making terroristic threats and battery.

"The various accounts of the event and charges that are being reported are wholly inaccurate," said the rapper's rep in a statement. "What we can say now is that any actions taken by Mr. Combs were solely defensive in nature to protect himself and his son."

YG Opens Up About Recent Shooting

YG recently spoke to Billboard about the shooting outside a California studio that left him with a bullet in his hip. When asked about what was running through his head afterwards, YG said, "Survival. After I got shot, I'm telling everybody, 'Take me to the hospital, because I can't die.'"

Despite getting into a car accident on the way to the hospital, YG managed to arrive and leave that same night. He recalled, "The next day I went back to the studio. Nobody wanted me to go. My mama tells me, 'What are you talking about going to the studio?' But you know, I got s*** to do... I came straight to the studio on my little crutches."


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