Robert Griffin III Wears EvoShield Protective Gear

Learn why Robert Griffin III wears EvoShield protective football gear under his jersey.

During his time at Baylor, quarterback Robert Griffin III dazzled fans with highlight runs and deep pinpoint passes. In last season's Heisman Trophy-winning campaign, RGIII completed a staggering 72 percent of his passes for 4,300 yards and 37 TDs, tossing only six interceptions. The Washington Redskins decided to make him their franchise QB, trading multiple first-round draft picks to the St. Louis Rams to move up and select him in this year's NFL Draft.

Turns out, Griffin had a secret weapon all along.

RG3 EvoShield

Protection is important for all quarterbacks, but it's especially important for athletic, dynamic QBs who move outside the pocket like RGIII. To make sure his body didn't feel the force of big hits from opposing defenses, Griffin wore EvoShield's Protective Rib Shirt underneath his Baylor jersey.

"Being the explosive guy that I am, running and throwing the ball, I need that protection in the pocket when I'm getting hit by bigger guys, and outside the pocket when I'm running around," he says.

EvoShield's Rib Shirt provides that protection for RGIII. With two custom-molded rib shields that slide into pockets, the shirt allows freedom of movement without limiting mobility. After conforming to the shape of your body, the shields disperse the impact from powerful blows. "When I got hit, I didn't feel it," RGIII says. "I could have ribs fully exposed, arms up, and I still felt protected."

To learn more about Griffin and why he wears EvoShield, check out the video above. For more on EvoShield, head over to their website.

Source and Photo:  EvoShield

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock