Rockies Pitcher Jon Gray Is a Real-Life Ghostbuster

When he's not trying to strike out batters, Colorado Rockies reliever Jon Gray hunts ghosts.


Jon Gray

If something strange is happening in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Don't call the fictitious Ghostbusters. Try real-life ghost hunter, Colorado Rockies pitcher Jon Gray.

In an interview on Thursday with MLB Network Radio, Gray said he likes to indulge in some ghost hunting in hotels when he's on the road with the Rockies. This season, Gray has a 5.40 ERA in four appearances.

Where else does Gray conduct his ghost-hunting excursions? One place he visited was Stanley Hotel, which inspired the Overlook Hotel in the classic Stephen King horror flick, The Shining. 

And at some point, he wants to go back to the Stanley. "I'd like to go in there and investigate by myself, but I don't think that's possible," Gray said. "I'm sure it takes quite a bit of pull to get that place to yourself. But it's a lot of fun."

Gray appears to take ghost hunting seriously, using cameras that detect color the human eye cannot see and that record disembodied voices, Gray said.

Check out Gray's full interview below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock