Roland Emmerich Sci-Fi Epic 'Moonfall' in the Works

German director Roland Emmerich is working on 'Moonfall,' about people who must save the planet after the moon leaves its orbit and hurtles toward earth.

Independence Day franchise director Roland Emmerich is working on his next project, the sci-fi epic Moonfall, which he will direct from his own script. Universal won a bidding war for the rights to Moonfall, which centers on a group of people who must save the planet from destruction by a vengeful moon. Emmerich collaborated on the screenplay with Harald Kloser and Extinction scribe Spencer Cohen.

The main character is a disgraced astronaut who works to save humankind following the disaster. According to Variety "This one is best described as Emmerich's 2012 mashed together with Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, following an unlikely band of misfits who must unite to save humanity when the moon falls out of orbit and hurtles towards earth."

The premise of this apocalyptic action flick is not unlike the filmmaker's Independence Day movies, including newly released Independence Day: Resurgence,

Emmerich and Kloser will also serve as producers. The two co-wrote Independence Day: Resurgence and have previously worked together on several prominent pictures, including The Day After Tomorrow, 10,000 BC, 2012, Anonymous, and White House Down.

The high profile German director has explored other genres—like the historically-based gay liberation drama Stonewall—but he is best known as a sci-fi director. He is sticking to his roots with this project as with two other films he has in development, Stargate and Independence Day 3.

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