Running Back Got a Tattoo of Himself in a Memphis Uniform, Now He's Transferring

More thought should be devoted to deciding what to get tattooed on one's back.

Jarvis Cooper

Tattoos are hugely popular among athletes. Many use ink to honor the team or city for which they play or where they're  from. That's fine, but one thing no athlete should do is get a tattoo of himself in the uniform of a team he plans on leaving. Yet that's exactly what University of Memphis running back Jarvis Cooper did.

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Cooper recently decided to transfer. But he has a huge tattoo on his back that shows him wearing a Memphis Tigers uniform. Although getting the tattoo was not necessarily a smart decision, transferring from Memphis might be.

Maybe Cooper will get the helmet logo and team name covered up. Either that or he will have some explaining to do to his new teammates. Check out his tattoo below.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock