Dedication to Proper Nutrition Propels Russell Wilson to the Super Bowl

Russell Wilson's attention to proper nutrition is a key reason why the Seattle Seahawks quarterback is playing in his first Super Bowl.

Russell Wilson

Photo via AP

Russell Wilson is headed to the Super Bowl. Think about that for a minute. The 5'11", 206-pound quarterback, the 75th pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the kid who was supposed to sit behind Matt Flynn for a couple years and learn, is one win away from rocking a shiny championship ring on his finger. Wilson was almost a forgotten man, taken long after highly touted quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III and not so highly touted guys like Brandon Weeden and Brock Osweiler. But while all of the aforementioned passers will be curling up on their couches and watching Super Bowl XLVIII with their significant other, dog or cat, Wilson will be front and center in New York City and environs. Take that, haters.

It's more than just skill and a strong desire to prove the doubters wrong that drives Wilson to succeed. Behind the scenes, his training and dedication to nutrition has propelled him to the doorstep of history.

Wilson has yet to miss a game during his two-year NFL career, and he gets better as the game goes on (he's led eight fourth-quarter comebacks in his career, according to Why? Because of his approach to nutrition. After every practice and game, Wilson eats as soon as possible—during the "recovery window," the 30 to 60 minutes immediately following physical activity when your muscles are most ready to be replenished by protein. Wilson also eats five to six times a day in small portions instead of the three huge meals he used to consume daily in college.

"That's not the way you're supposed to eat. I didn't understand that," Wilson said. Once he switched things up, "it kept my body lean, and it kept my metabolism working."

Instead of breaking down under the physicality of a 16-game NFL season, Wilson focus on nutrition to help him stay strong.

"When you start every game, when you're getting hit and moving around and all that, your body can wear on you," Wilson said. "I never hit a wall. I take care of my body, and that allowed me to play well."

Given his 27-8 career record to date, it's safe to say Russell Wilson know how to win.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock