New App Ryktr Predicts Football Future, Lets You Battle Buddies

Ryktr is a new app that aims to change the way fans watch football.

Who's winning? It's the most common question in sports. But a new app promises to objectively answer a much more interesting question: who is going to win?

Ryktr hopes to change the way you watch football. Using an advanced algorithm, the app claims to feature a "stunning visual display of each team's changing probability of winning." Ryktr takes a sea of data and condenses it into one simple number: winning probability.

If you've ever wanted to see how important that big run your beloved team just broke off really was, Ryktr has the answer. The app seamlessly updates itself throughout the game, so you'll always know where each team stands and what plays really changed the dynamics of the contest. According to the app's press release: "Watching an exciting game on Ryktr is similar to seeing heavy seismic activity on the famed Richter scale (hence the app name.) There are peaks and valleys as the probabilities dramatically shift."

And that's just the beginning. Ryktr also features unique game play that allows users to accumulate points for accurate predictions. Ryktr says its "incredibly intuitive game play gives the user two choices: vote for Team A or for Team B." Like actual sports betting, the odds change based on which team the community votes for. So if you pick Alabama to blow out some scrub team, you'll only receive a few points (since you're likely in the majority.) Conversely, if you predict a big upset, you'll be rewarded with a massive point payout. You also have the chance to switch your vote throughout the game—but being a frontrunner won't net you many points.

If you think you know more about football than your buddies, here's your chance to prove it. Adding friends on Ryktr is as simple as importing them from your contacts or Facebook account; and once they're on your buddy list, you can easily monitor their point totals.

Finally, Ryktr features a dual-messaging system, which "allows voters on each side of the screen to voice their opinion." So if J.J. Watt forces a fumble against Tony Romo, you can watch those who voted for the Texans rejoice and those who voted for the Cowboys melt down. Who doesn't like watching Cowboys fans freak out?

Ryktr is currently available for free in the app store. Read more about the game-changing app on their website.

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