Kylie Minogue to Co-Star with Dwayne Johnson in 'San Andreas 3D'

Kylie Minogue will co-star with Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming earthquake disaster flick, 'San Andreas 3D.'

Word is out that pop star and actress Kylie Minogue will co-star alongside Dwayne Johnson in the upcoming disaster flick, San Andreas 3D, in which a catastrophic earthquake hits the West Coast. Also playing a leading role, as Johnson's ex-wife, is actress Carla Gugino ( Night at the Museum).

Johnson's character—a special-ops firefighter—and his ex-wife must make a dangerous trek from Los Angeles to San Francisco to rescue their daughter during the aftermath of "the big one."

Filming of this Warner Bros. release is currently underway in Australia, Minogue's native country. The character Minogue will portray in the movie remains a mystery, as filmmakers are mum on the subject.

Directing the movie is Brad Peyton, best known for helming another Dwayne Johnson film, the 2012 adventure comedy, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.

San Andreas 3D is scheduled to hit theaters June 5, 2015.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock

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