San Francisco Giants' Mota Suspended for 100 Games

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Guillermo Mota

San Francisco Giants relievers Guillermo Mota has been suspended after testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs. He will sit out 100 games, starting May 8.

The drug found in his system, Clenbuterol, is used to treat bronchial asthma, but it is also a steroid. Athletes and bodybuilders use it to burn fat and gain lean muscle. Mota's agent, Adam Katz, says his client was taking children's cough medicine that happened to contain Clenbuterol.

"A 100-game suspension for taking children's cough medicine that contains trace amounts of a prohibited substance, which is what happened here, is severe and unfair and does not reflect the intention of the Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program. We will appeal it," Katz said in a statement.

An appeal will likely not work. The League takes such infractions very seriously and tends to make examples of offenders. The drug is not approved for human use in the U.S. And, this is not the first time Mota has been caught with Clenbuterol in his system. In November of 2006, he received a 50-game suspension for testing positive.

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