Sarah Reinertsen's Ironman Nutrition and Recovery Strategies

Challenged athlete and Ironman Sarah Reinertsen discusses her nutritional needs and how she uses chocolate milk to recover.

In the fourth installment of our video series featuring challenged Ironman athlete Sarah Reinertsen, we take a closer look at Sarah's fueling and nutrition strategies.

When training for an Ironman, Sarah burns at least 2,500 calories per day. She refuels with a protein source, a carb source and plenty of fresh vegetables.

At the start of her week, Sarah often hits her local farmer's market. Instead of using supplements, she likes to get her nutrients from real food. As part of her nutritional strategy, she preps and cooks enough food to fuel her recovery throughout the week. "I love when you slow down a bit and kind of connect to the food you're about to eat," says Sarah. "So, I really love to cook."

For her post-recovery drink, Sarah chooses chocolate milk. Since she works out twice a day (and sometimes more), she is rarely seen without a bottle of chocolate milk on hand.

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