Sarah Reinertsen's Core and Yoga Ironman Training

Challenged athlete and world-renowned triathlete Sarah Reinertsen takes us through her core and yoga routines

In Episode 3 of our exclusive video series featuring challenged athlete and world-renowned triathlete Sarah Reinertsen, we explore the core program she implements as part of her daily Ironman training."The core is an important part of the body for any athlete," says Reinertsen. "As an athlete with a disability, I'm using so much of my hip and my core to power that prosthetic, it's even more important for me."

We also look at Reinertsen's practice of yoga, which she discovered before her first marathon when she noticed that her muscles were tightening up from the pressure she was putting on her prosthetic. Reinertsen views yoga and meditation as ways to stretch and strengthen muscles she wasn't paying attention to in her normal training routine.

Check out STACK's Core and Yoga guides to incorporate these disciplines into your workout.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock