Scottie Pippen Says the '95-'96 Bulls Would Sweep The Warriors in the NBA Finals

Scottie Pippen thinks his 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team would sweep the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors. Dubious.

Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen

As if people weren't talking enough about the Golden State Warriors, a team that needs to win five of its remaining six games to finish with the best regualr season record in NBA history, someone decided to ask another old head about the Warriors' historic season. We've already heard a fair number of negative opinions from former NBA guys who think the new, "soft" era of basketball has allowed the "small ball" Warriors to flourish, but Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen took the disrespect to another level.

In Houston for the Final Four, Pippen was asked by a reporter what he thought the outcome would be in a seven-game playoff series between his 1995-1996 Bulls, whose 72-10 record is what the Warriors are trying to surpass, and this year's Golden State team. Pippen hesitated for a moment before declaring that he, Michael Jordan and the rest of the gang would sweep Golden State off the floor.

Perhaps Pippen feels a record he holds dear slipping away. Perhaps he really believes that Bulls team was so invincible that it would sweep a team that hits 3-pointers like the rest of the league hits layups. Whatever the reason, Pippen's claim of a sweep seems ridiculous. Someone please stop asking old NBA players their opinion on the team by the Bay.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock