Are Seagal and Snipes in for 'Expendables 3'?

Are Steven Seagal and Wesley Snipes in for "Expendables 3"? Here's what we know so far.


Although earlier reports suggested that Steven Seagal wouldn't be appearing in Sylvester Stallone's aged action star extravaganza, Expendables 3, it appears the Under Seige actor has had a change of heart. An Expendables 3 appearance could certainly revive his career, which has been relegated to direct-to-DVD productions in recent years.

"Just talked to Steven S. in Moscow. Sounds great and says he wants to be in EX3, if the part fits...," revealed Stallone over Twitter.

As for Wesley Snipes, Randy Couture told New York Daily News last month that the recently released Blade star has officially signed a contract. It's unclear what part Snipes will play in the movie, or even whether he'll play a good guy or a villain.

Jackie Chan, also rumored to be joining the cast, is still waiting to see what happens following conversations with Stallone. "They did contact me, but right now I have not read the script yet. I'd love to work with Stallone, but until I get back next week and meet Stallone and his manager, see the script... that's when he'll tell me what happens," said the star to Empire before admitting he'd like a chance to fight against Stallone in a scene.

No word yet on other action stars, like Nic Cage, Clint Eastwood and Harrison Ford, who were all on Stallone's wish list. But Mickey Rourke, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terry Crews are expected to reprise their roles from the first two movies.

Expendables 3 will be directed by Patrick Hughes (and not Mel Gibson, as had been rumored). A release date has not been set, but the movie is expected to hit screens next year.

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