Former FSU Player's Book Lights a Path for Prospective College Athletes

Former FSU tight end Ryan Sprague conveys life lessons in his book, "Seasons: What College Athletes Need to Know about Their Future."

Seasons, by Ryan Sprague

Justin Samuel Foxe ("J"), the main character in Seasons: What College Athletes Need to Know About Their Future, is a highly touted football prospect headed to college on a full scholarship. The book was written by Ryan Sprague, the Florida State tight end who, in 1999, helped the Seminoles win an NCAA championship. Sprague is now a pastor in Florida.

J's grandpa, "Swap," is a man of integrity who wants to help his grandson prepare for the real world and understand the importance of making good, sound choices.

Swap knows a thing or two about college athletics, and he calls in some friends to share their experiences with his grandson. Twelve guests visit J at the "Swap's Shop," grandpa's barber shop, as J prepares to leave for his freshman year of college. Each guest has a different story to tell and an important life lesson to teach.

The story flows seamlessly from one encounter to the next, offering easy-to-digest lessons for young athletes about the importance of making good choices when beginning their college experience.

Seasons is a heartwarming read. I recommend it not only for college athletic prospects and families who are about to begin the college experience, but for any family that is looking for life lessons to share.

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