See Why Eli Apple's Mom Told Him Not to Wear a Rolex at the NFL Draft

Apple's mom called him 'an unemployed college dropout.'

Eli Apple couldn't catch a break leading up to the 2016 NFL Draft.

First, during the Scouting Combine, an Atlanta Falcons coach asked him if he liked men. In late April, an anonymous scout said the former Ohio State cornerback couldn't cook. Then, right before the Draft, Apple's mom Annie told him he shouldn't wear a Rolex watch on Draft Day.

"Dude, you're an unemployed college dropout," his mom said to him. "You will not be on TV with a Rolex."

In an attempt to improve their secondary, the New York Giants drafted Apple with the No. 10 pick.

Apple will undoubtedly be a target for more criticism during his NFL career. It comes with the territory for professional athletes. But it will be difficult to reject advice from his mom, whether it's about his wardrobe or anything else.

Eli Apple's Mom Tells Him Not to Wear Rolex at NFL Draft


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock