The 6 Most Awkward Shane Battier Interviews From the 2013 NBA Draft

Shane Battier conducted some pretty amazing interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft. STACK brings you the six most awkward exchanges.

Mason Plumlee

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Shane loves all things Duke (it is his alma mater, you know. Did you know that? Did you?), so when Mason Plumlee got plucked by the Brooklyn Nets with the 22nd pick, Battier hopped on the mic to deliver what might have been his most awkward statement of the night.

"I'm here with my Bl-, my Blue Devil brother, fellow alum, Mason Plumlee," Battier stuttered as Plumlee looked on sheepishly, clearly having never actually spoken to Battier before. Battier is like that guy at a party who hasn't really ever hung out with anyone there, but tries to make it seem like they're all his best bros.

"Yo, Mason, saw on your Instagram that you were in Cali last weekend. That's so cool! You didn't mention that yesterday when we were having a hang in Stats class. Man, I would've for sure come with you!"

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