The 6 Most Awkward Shane Battier Interviews From the 2013 NBA Draft

Shane Battier conducted some pretty amazing interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft. STACK brings you the six most awkward exchanges.

Sergey Kasarov

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Sergey Kasarov may have a butter smooth jumper, but the Russian's handle on the English language isn't quite as polished. So when Shane Battier asked the 19th overall pick what his father, a former point guard for the Russian national team, meant to him, the newest Cleveland Cavalier gave this semblance of a response:

"I think, he watch this, he watch draft, like, a lot of emotion have. So. To see like me shake David Stern hand, so that's crazy. I can feel it now that I NBA now but I think, couple months, I'm gonna feel it."

Clearly having no idea what in the world Kasarov had just said to him, Battier hit back with a classic and eloquent, "Well…that's great." Language barriers don't stop Shane Battier. You can only hope to contain him.

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