The 6 Most Awkward Shane Battier Interviews From the 2013 NBA Draft

Shane Battier conducted some pretty amazing interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft. STACK brings you the six most awkward exchanges.

Shane Larkin

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No uncomfortable stone was left unturned by Battier on this night. When he had a chance to let the world know that he and former Miami University point guard Shane Larkin had the same first name, he pounced on it like a slightly awkward cheetah.

"A couple of Miami Shanes right here," he said to Larkin, clearly proud of himself for coming up with such a witty opening line. Battier was probably thinking, "Man, ESPN is hiring me for sure after I retire. I am set for the rest of my life after that one," while everyone watching at home was like. "PLEASE STOP LETTING SHANE TALK. I CAN'T HANDLE IT ANY MORE."

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