The 6 Most Awkward Shane Battier Interviews From the 2013 NBA Draft

Shane Battier conducted some pretty amazing interviews during the 2013 NBA Draft. STACK brings you the six most awkward exchanges.

Victor Oladipo

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The former Indiana Hoosier was taken second overall by the Orlando Magic, and you know what the means! It's Shane Battier time, baby. Starting off the interview with a hearty slap on the back and referring to the young guard as "VO," like they'd played chess together every Saturday for years (although Oladipo was nine when Battier started his NBA career), the Miami Heat guard repeats his classic question, "Hey dude, what are you going to, like, bring to the Magic, aside from that awesome nickname I just gave you?"

Then, just to make sure you know that despite his age (SB is 34), he's still a super-hip guy who gets things like Arrested Development, Battier drops "VO" one more time at the end of the interview. Oladipo looks like he just wants Battier to take his hand off his shoulder.


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