Shaq Wants to Rap on Pharrell's 'NBA 2K15' Soundtrack

Shaq really wants to rap on the 'NBA 2K15' soundtrack. Just ask executive producer Pharrell Williams.

Shaquille O' Neal—former NBA star and sometime rapper—released a video petition to the executive producer of NBA 2K15's soundtrack, Pharrell Williams, asking to be included in the music selections. Yes, there is video! Check it out below.

In case you've chosen to forget, O'Neal was actually quite successful as a rapper in the '90s—and not only by athlete-turned-rapper standards. His debut album, Shaq Diesel, went platinum with help from the singles "(I Know I Got) Skillz" and "I'm Outstanding." Platinum is a level most current "hot" rappers have yet to reach.

In the brief clip, Shaq reminds Williams of his achievements, spitting out a freestyle rap that goes: "Yo, Pharrell, this is Shaq/Put me on the 2K15 track/I won't let you down, that's just dumb/Me and you both went platinum."

That, folks, is how it's done! You establish a common link between yourself and the person from whom you're asking the favor, then you post it online so that social media can rally behind you. This has to happen now, right? If anyone could make Shaq sound less like Shaq, it would be Pharrell.

During a recent interview with Billboard, Williams said that he felt "honored" to talk about the NBA 2K15 playlist, but also that he was feeling some pressure, since he was following previous soundtrack executive producers Jay-Z and LeBron James. To help him out, he recruited a group of women. "There are girls that play the game, and there's a lot of girls that are around it . . . so I thought it'd be such an interesting twist to have girls weigh in on the song list, because they listen to it just as much," said the creator of "Happy." "I tried to pick an alternative approach, because how do you follow up LeBron and Jay? I gotta take a different route. When we finished looking at the list, it felt right."

NBA 2K15 will be released Oct. 7 for PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360 and XBO. Oklahoma City Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant will appear on the cover.


Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock