Shaquille O'Neal's Son Is Preparing for College by Dunking All Over His Father

Shaquille O'Neal is helping his son prepare for college basketball.

Shareef O'Neal won't graduate from high school until 2018, but his Pops is already preparing him for the increased physicality waiting for him at the next level.

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O'Neal's father, the great Shaquille O'Neal has played a big role in his son's ongoing college recruitment, encouraging Shareef to consider Kentucky, where head coach John Calipari is known for grooming one-and-done players—which O'Neal will certainly be—for the next level. Shaq is also helping his son to develop his game, including letting himself get posterized in a public gym.

In an effort to help Shareef, who currently stars at Windward High School in Los Angeles, adjust his game to the bigger bodies that will soon be occupying the paint, Shaq placed himself under the hoop and let the younger O'Neal run up and throw down a nasty dunk all over him.

Shaq checks in at a good eight inches taller than his son. Once Shareef does finally arrive at his chosen college, chances are no player standing in his way will be taller, or wider, than his dad.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock