Shawn Oakman Nailed a 40-Inch Box Jump While Holding a Ton of Weight, and Now I'm Afraid

Baylor DL Shawn Oakman is not from this planet. Watch the video and tremble with fear.

Shawn Oakman is a freak of nature. Oakman, the 6-foot-9, 280-pound defensive lineman from Baylor with a carved up six-pack and biceps the size of tree limbs, looks like the product of a bored gamer who decided to see what happens when you max out all the create-a-player traits in Madden.

Oakman's intimidating physical presence has made him the subject of countless memes, and he recently pulled off a feat in the gym that can only be described as terrifyingly impressive.

While training at Athletic Gaines, Oakman completed a 40-inch Box Jump while holding heavy dumbbells in each hand. There's some debate over whether they're 35-pound dumbbells or 70-pound dumbbells, but either way it's insane. Jumping that high with no weight is impressive, but when you're getting held down by two big dumbbells?

That isn't supposed to happen. Humans aren't supposed to do that. Shawn Oakman is not from this planet, and we should be glad he decided to dedicate his powers to football instead of becoming a super-villain.

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock