Shooting the Ball Like Jason Terry: "One Piece"

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Jason "The Jet" Terry of the Dallas Mavericks has been the difference for his team this NBA playoff season. In Game Four of the Mavs-Lakers series, Terry took ten 3-point shots and made nine of them, tying the NBA record for treys in a playoff game, keying the Mavericks' 122-86 sweeping victory over the defending champs, and denying the Lakers a chance for a three-peat.

The Mavericks emphasized defense all season long. Terry agrees that defense will be critical to beating either one of the two young teams gunning for the other spot in the Western Conference Finals. Of the Grizzlies and Thunder, Terry observes, "They both love to get out in the open floor. If you can take care of the ball against either one of those teams…they struggle in the half court offensively." Dallas's playoff defense has reached illustrious heights—they held the Lakers to an average of 88 points per game—but no one can deny Terry's offensive contributions and skill as a shooter.

In an exclusive interview, Terry gave STACK three quick bits of advice for hitting the swish consistently.

Repetition = Crucial
For his prowess as a shooter, Terry credits former pro baller Slick Watts and his former college teammate at the University of Arizona, Josh Pastner, who currently coaches at the University of Memphis. During Terry's junior year, he and Pastner made 500 jumpers after class every day.

"One Piece"
Terry's mentor, George "Iceman" Gervin, gave him the single most important piece of advice about shooting: "one piece." Terry says, "Think about shooting a jumper—it's all in one motion. Focus on that one piece...fluid [motion]."

Pre-Game Rhythm
During pre-game warm-ups, Terry shoots from as many spots on the floor as possible, concentrating on those where he most often finds himself pulling up in game situations. He typically makes three shots from each spot before allowing himself to move on to the next.

Source:  Bleacher Report, DallasNews
Photo:  Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images // Thinkstock